Compassionate Care telehealth

Advancing value-based digital healthcare in US

Compassionate Care Telehealth is changing the way physicians care and patients receive care, to help people live healthier lives and save money.

We Make Your Life Better

We are empowering patients to improve quality of care at lower cost.

Spend less to achieve better health

We help patients to recover from illnesses more quickly and avoid chronic lifestyle diseases. As a result, patients face fewer doctor’s visits, medical tests, and procedures, and spend less money on prescription medication as both near-term and long-term health improve.

Achieve efficiency and greater patient satisfaction

Preventative care services let providers spend less time managing chronic diseases. Quality and patient engagement measures improve when the focus is on value of care and health outcomes.

Control cost and reduce risk

Management of financial expenditures and potential hazards associated with the delivery of remote healthcare services through digital technologies. The goal is to ensure that telehealth services are delivered efficiently, cost-effectively, and with minimal risks to both healthcare providers and patients.

Comprehensive features

Designed to enhance the way doctors care and patients receive care.

Case notes

Automatically receive a summary of your consult and treatment plan.

E-medical certificates

Receive a valid medical certificate without leaving home.

Health concierge

Patient support and care continuity, on call 24/7.

Chronic disease management

Provide ongoing care, education, and support to patients with chronic health conditions.

Specialist referrals

Receive a medical referral without leaving home.

Personal health advice

Ask health questions, attach photos, get instant medical advice.

Remote Care Coordination has been used for

Bleeding gums
Chronic medication refills